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6 months agovia and with 204,255 notes

Book: Breathless by Jessica Warman (2009)

Genre: YA, Contemporary

Characters: Katie, Mazzie, Drew, Estella

Finished: 1/07/14

Rating: 4/5 strawberries

This book was so intense. It was really deep. It was told over a long period of time, so I didn’t get as attached to some of the characters as the main character did. I really liked the story, but the main character (and some of the other characters) annoyed me a lot sometimes. None of the characters were perfect, but that’s what made the story real. (But really, the main character could be quite stupid.) I really hated the main love interest though. See full review here

Movie: Move Over Darling

Genre: Comedy/ Romance

Stars: Doris Day, James Garner, Polly Bergen, Thelma Ritter

Watched: 1/08/14

Rating: 5/5 strawberries

This movie was unbelievably funny. At a few parts, I thought the characters were being a little unrealistic, but I don’t know what a reasonable reaction to these situations would be. It was a great embodiment of a classic film. Some very touching moments and some romance with a perfect ending, everyone should see this film. 

Book: Fire with Fire (Demonblood, #2) by Penelope King (2011)

Genre: YA, Paranormal

Characters: Liora, Lucky, Tatiana, Bones, Kieron

Finished: 1/06/14

Rating: 4/5 strawberries

This series has a really interesting premise and I really like what the author does with it. This book started off a little slow, but as it progressed the beginning made sense. The beginning of the book was kind of hazy, but that’s good because Liora was in a bit of a haze. There was a lot of action in the second half, although I did find a few things predictable. I’m really excited for the next book!

Movie: The Seven Year Itch (1955)

Genre: Comedy/ Romance

Stars: Marilyn Monroe, Tom Ewell, Evelyn Keyes

Watched: 1/07/14

Rating: 5/5 strawberries

Everything about this movie is perfect. As always, I am amazed by Marilyn Monroe’s perfection. Tom Ewell was hilariously deadpan. Anyone who’s ever imagined possible/ alternate versions of their life can relate to this film. Every line was quotable. This is a classic that was funny then and has only gotten better with age. 

Movie: Little Black Book (2004)

Genre: Comedy/ Drama

Stars: Brittany Murphy, Holly Hunter, Kathy Bates, Ron Livingston, Rashida Jones

Watched: 1/06/14

Rating: 4/5 strawberries

This movie was hilarious. Some moments were absolutely insane and I really couldn’t believe how sneaky Murphy’s character was. I found the ending a little bit predictable. It may look like a romance movie, but the overall theme was on how strong Murphy’s character grew to be. It had its ups and downs, but overall was a great watch. 

Book: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (2013)

Genre: YA, Contemporary

Characters: Cather, Levi, Reagan, Wren

Finished: 1/01/14

Rating: 5/5 strawberries

Wow. Just wow.

I liked this book even more than I thought I would, which I didn’t think was possible. Everything seemed very realistic. I identified with the main character. It was really interesting and had many different subplots. It wasn’t a regular like romance book; it was a life book. Since the narrator was an English major who loved writing, it made the book really well written. I was laughing out loud a lot but some parts really cut deep.

There were a few parts when I felt like the Simon books or fanfiction was a little bit too long, but overall I enjoyed reading those parts.

When the book ended, I got really mad. Like, really, really mad. I wasn’t ready to let go of the characters and the story. Maybe I’ll just have to go find some fanfiction myself.

Movie: 17 Miracles (2011)

Genre: Historical/ Religious

Stars: Jasen Wade, Emily Wadley, Natalie Blackman, Jason Celaya, Nathan Mitchell

Watched: 1/05/14

Rating: 5/5 strawberries

I was hoping to watch something that was very spiritually uplifting. It was pretty uplifting, but also way sadder than I thought it would be.

It started off with a death and a newly widowed father being called to serve a mission, leaving his infant son to be taken care of by his sister. The movie basically stayed at that level of tears the whole way through. It was very uplifting though and really showed how faith can change everything. It even had some adorable romance in it. This is a movie that I would love to rewatch, but I’ll definitely need time to recover first. 

Movie: Sabrina (1995)

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Stars: Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond, Greg Kinnear, Nancy Marchand

Watched: 1/04/14

Rating: 4/5 strawberries

This appears to be one of those typical transformation love stories. Spoiler alert: it’s not.

Sabrina was a very cute and unique movie. (I am hesitant to use the word unique as it is a remake of an Audrey Hepburn movie.) It was very funny and I got very wrapped up in the plot. While I admit that until about half an hour into the movie I thought Linus was David’s father, by the end of the movie I wanted nothing more than for Linus to realize his true feelings for Sabrina. That being said, I did find the beginning a bit slow and hard to follow, but I might have been a little distracted at first. The main downside to this film was that I found the way Julia Ormond spoke to be very annoying. Overall, it was quite enjoyable and I could definitely see myself watching it again. I’d really like to see the original though.